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February 4, 2008


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I’m not an education related course graduate…. Management ang natapos ko… But, I ended up teaching sa isang newly opened na technical school. Kaloka… When I graduated from my first course (computer programming ng sinaunang panahon….) my alma mater hired me…or is the term “absorbed” more appropriate? sa school kasi namin din ako nag practicum. I got to teach Dbase, Foxbase and Pascal. Since it was a technical school na mas mura kesa iba madaming nag-aral dun na older than me…so you can just imagine me having students that are 25 years and above….i even have a student thats 42 years old and I was 18 then. But it was a wonderful experience though. I left teaching after a year to seek greener pastures kuno.

When I came back I got hired to work for an oil company. I was able to study business management at night. When i graduated I decided to put up my own small biz… since me background ako kahit paano sa computers computer related ang naging negosyo ko. Then I met my bf… online kami nagkakilala… he was  graduating then. Eventually umuwi siya dito and one of his old teachers nung nag-aral siya ng technical course contacted him and hired him to teach sa bagong bukas na school nila. may mga kulang na instructors pa sila and when I got there para hatiran ng lunch ang bf ko the school director saw me…he asked my bf about my background and called me up setting an appointment. When I got there he asked me, “Would you like to teach?” kahit medyo naabigla nagawa ko pa ring ngumiti at magtanong…”I’m not an Education grad Sir and I don’t think I can teach programming to your students since the programs that I knew before are no longr usable now…(haller wala na yatang gumagamit ng lutos123, Wordstar at Turbo Basic ngayon!)

Imagine my reaction noong sabihin niyang can you teach Personality Development and Argumentation and Oral Defense? Hmmm… to know bakit yun ang subjects na naisip niyang ibigay sa akin….

He said I look good…I carry myself well and he called up my old school and was told that I was one of the top students during my time…( grabeng build-up ginawa ni Mrs. Hebron sa akin!!!).

“I don’t have any background on those subjects sir…” Eto ang sagot ko… but the director said that they will give me free rein on my teaching they will only provide me the required textbook as my reference. (Naisip ko ganun na ba ako kagaling para i-hire nila ng ganun-ganun lang???) But, I still gave it a shot…I accepted it.And for almost a year now I have no regrets….

Teaching Personality Development may sound easy… but believe, me it’s not.  Imagine meeting new people at the age of 16 to 22 …. lalo na ang girls…these women…girls…female students already have their own personalities…and you can no longer mold them… all you can do is guide them…bend them a little(that is if they yeild to your bending…)

But I’m happy to say that during the last lerm….my students accepted me… I’m not the usual teacher-who-writes-on-the-board-type, I prefer informal discussions….minsan pa nga nagdedebate ang mga estudyante ko regarding their ideas on personalities,how to carry themselves,clothing,and even make-up, I can say my students evolved…in their own pace. They improved…

My students earned the approval from the School administration and Board of directors during the recent evaluation that was held yesterday afternoon. They now have better confidence on carrying themselves. They are more confident  talking to other people… and there’s something about them that I can’t find the words to describe… And what the BOD and School Admin saw was reflected to me. They said I did my job well and that they want me to stay on next semester.

The  term just ended. Next monday I’ll be teaching them Argumentation and oral defense. I hope I can surpass what I did with my PerDev students. And I hope that what they have learned during the past term with me would always be with them.

“Thank You Miss”….those were my students words that will always warm my heart…

Now I believe that there is a certain satisfaction when you teach…I may not be able to mold them but I was able to help them bloom… and bloom beautifully they did.


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  1. alam gusto ko ring magturo dati, probably mga science subjects kaya lang di natuloy e , naiba yung course ko..

    iba kasi yung feeling when you get along with your students… add po kta sa blogroll ko ha


    Comment by brath — February 6, 2008 @ 6:11 am

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