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December 22, 2007

The First Love

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Do you still remember the first person you ever loved? The person that made your heartbeat race, made your cheeks blush? The person that affected you the most for the first time in your life…the mere voice, action, even the little gestures that fascinated you then…they were all all part and parcel of that person.

I still remember mine….it had been years…yes…years…

They said you can never forget the first one you ever loved… your first love…

I met him when I was still quite young…. A tall, lanky fellow with a shy smile and few words…. for someone as talkative as I am he’s a refreshing whiff of fresh air… I don’t know…maybe I was young and stupid then, but the experience I had then of loving that person is something that got embedded deep within my heart.

The relationship that blossomed between me and him was beautiful… innocent… maybe because we were young…but it wasn’t smooth at all….there were rocky moments… until we parted ways..

Years passed, I still see him once in a while, we talk, sometime we talk about getting together again… but things changed. We both still feel something special for each other, but it seems that having a relationship again is out of the question, I hopped from one relationship to another, same with him….

The last time we talked was a couple of months ago… it may sound crappy, but we did talk it over, we talked about a relationship that existed half a lifetime ago. Yes, we’re no longer the same person we were then…. but the memory of the love we had way back the….our first love  still do exist within us, we both know that there’s no way it can ever ever be rekindled. We still treasure the moments we shared then, the first hug, the first kiss, the first I LOVE YOU’s… the first date we spent  under the mahogany tree sitting by the bermuda grass, his arms around me and my head on his chest, listening to each others’ heartbeat. Wordless, yet so meaningful then, knowing that we have to savor every second because having a relationship at such a young age is against our parents’ orders…. oh… the innocence of it all…..

Maybe thats what made our first love hard to forget… maybe hat is why even if years had passed, both of us still hold a certain tenderness for what we had shared then, the first love we had was so beautiful, so pure, that even if years had passed it didn’t vanish from our memories…

Until now, whenever he and I see each other we still hold a certain fondness for each other, we still talk… maybe its because we never had a fight when we separated (we didn’t break-up, I had to leave and we just sort of just moved on from the relationship.). He is now one of my most treasured friends, though we don’t often see each other, I know he’s always there when I need him….


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